U-Line Refrigeration offers a variety of cooling and ice makers, on top of their impressive catalog. Every U-Line product is crafted to the highest standard to accent your luxurious kitchen. U-Line manufactures all of their refrigeration products in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA , which guarantees quality and durability. If you’re looking for some of the best refrigeration products on the market today, U-Line is definitely worth checking out.

If you're U-Line product isn't as cool as it used to be, Kimball Appliance Parts has the part to help get it from hot to not. Our expert team has been helping customers find the correct parts for their U-Line refrigeration products for years so give us a call and be confident in the part they recommend for your issue.

If you don't have the time to diagnose or fix your U-Line unit, Kimball Appliance Service can help you out. Our service team has experience with U-Line products so you can be sure that they have the expertise to make your unit run as good as new. Kimball Appliance Service promises transparent pricing as well as speedy service to get your U-Line ice maker or refrigerator back up and cooling as fast as possible.

  • 90-54142-00

    90-54142-00 DOOR ASSEMBLY W/O HINGES

    / EACH
  • 90-54141-00

    90-54141-00 DOOR ASSEMBLY W/O HINGES

    / EACH
  • 90-54140-00

    90-54140-00 RACK ASSEMBLY BOTTOM

    / EACH
  • 90-54139-00

    90-54139-00 RACK ASSEMBLY BOTTOM

    / EACH
  • 90-54137-00

    90-54137-00 RACK ASSEMBLY TOP

    / EACH
  • 90-54136-00

    90-54136-00 RACK ASSEMBLY LOWER

    / EACH
  • 90-54135-03

    90-54135-03 RACK ASSEMBLY MIDDLE

    / EACH
  • 90-54135-02

    90-54135-02 RACK ASSEMBLY LOWER

    / EACH
  • 90-54135-01

    90-54135-01 RACK ASSEMBLY MIDDLE

    / EACH
  • 90-54135-00

    90-54135-00 RACK ASSEMBLY TOP

    / EACH
  • 90-54132-00

    90-54132-00 GRILLE W/SCREWS

    / EACH
  • 90-54131-00

    90-54131-00 DISPLAY MODULE

    / EACH