Lynx DIY Videos

Lynx has provided a variety of videos on some common part replacements to get your luxury outdoor equipment back in working order. Whether you're trying to fix your own Lynx product, or are a service technician these step by step instructions are perfect for you!

If you don't see a video related to the Lynx model or part replacement feel free to give Kimball Appliance Parts a call and pick our brains. Our service technicians are familiar with virtually all replacements.

Lynx Grills

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Replace the Halogen Lighting on your Lynx Grill

Valve Replacement on a Lynx Grill

Manifold Adjustment on a Lynx Grill

Replacing the Grate Thermocouple on a SmartGrill by Lynx

ProSear 2 Screen Change

Lynx Asado Grill

Clean the front panel weld marks

Lynx Outdoor Refrigerator

Interior panel removal for L24DWR or L24BF