Scotsman Ice Machine Cleaning Guide

Scotsman Ice Machines are known for producing the highest quality ice in the residential ice-maker market. Scotsman understands that ice is a crucial component of your daily routine, and they take pride in their machines providing you with the best ice possible.

However, to ensure your ice machine will continue to create top-quality ice for years to come, it is important to properly maintain and care for the machine. One of the most important aspects of ice machine maintenance is knowing when you need to clean your Scotsman Ice Machine. Ensure you use an approved cleaning solution and a high-quality sanitizer for the ice reservoir.

How do you know when to clean your Nugget or Cuber Scotsman Ice Machine?

  • Time to Clean light is illuminated
  • Off tasting ice
  • Ice shape isn't consistent
  • Low or no ice in the machine
  • Any visual indicators, like hard water build-up
  • Ice Machine is making any unusual noises

Why is it important to clean a Scotsman Ice Machine?

Scotsman recommends cleaning your ice machine every six months, and possibly more if you have harder water or have pets. The most common problems for the ice machines are hard water scale build-up which can be prevented by descaling the machine, and dirty condensers making the cooling system less efficient.

Tools and supplies needed

What parts need cleaning

Ice Scoop - This should be your most cleaned part, as it is the most handled. Clean it like you would a food container with dish soap.

Cabinet and Door - Wipe the outside of the ice maker down whenever they are dirty. Warm soapy water can be used to get stubborn dried-on items.

Condenser - The condenser can be found behind the service access panel, and the toe kick. To clean this, remove any dust or debris from the fins with a vacuum. If your ice machine is in an area with lots of carpet, traffic, or pets you may need to clean this more frequently.

Ice Storage Bin - Sanitize the bin any time you clean the system. With a clean cloth, use a sanitizing solution (1 oz. of bleach to 2 gallons of warm water) and wipe the interior. Pour the rest of the solution into the ice bin and let it all drain out. Rinse the bin out with warm water before turning the ice machine back on.

Ice System Descaling - The procedure for descaling depends on your Scotsman Ice Machine model. Please refer to the videos below for a detailed walkthrough of how to descale your ice machine.

*Repair parts can be found at our dedicated Scotsman Residential Ice Machine Parts page.

Cleaning Videos

Scotsman has helpful videos that will show you the step-by-step process of proper cleaning process of their residential ice machines. This video will give you an idea of how to properly clean your machine and why it is important.

How to clean Brilliance Nugget Ice Machines by Scotsman (SCN60)


How to clean the Brilliance Cuber Ice Machines by Scotsman (SCC50)