Since 1996, Lynx Grills has provided luxurious, handcrafted grills made with the finest materials money can buy. Lynx doesn't limit themselves to creating only grills, they also produce cooktops, side burners, outdoor ovens, and more. If you have a Lynx product, you know how important it is for any outdoor gathering. If something goes wrong, Kimball Appliance Parts can provide you with what you need to get it back up and running.

Kimball Appliance Parts has all the Lynx products replacement parts for your repairs. Providing only genuine Lynx parts, you don't have to worry about an aftermarket part not living up to the Lynx standards. If you need assistance finding the part you need, with over 30 years in the appliance parts business our knowledgeable sales staff is willing to help.

Lynx DIY Videos

Lynx has published some insightful and helpful videos for the Do it Yourselfer. They will walk you through the most common replacement parts step by step so you can get the repair done right, the first time. Head over to our Lynx DIY Videos page for guided videos on how to replace some common parts. If you don't see a video related to your replacement part, feel free to reach out to our staff and they may be able to give you a detailed description on how to do it yourself. But don't worry, if you're feeling nervous about replacing the part yourself, Kimball Appliance Service can help get it done.

Kimball Appliance Service

We also offer appliance services through Kimball Appliance Service. If you're looking for experienced and professional appliance service technicians, then Kimball Appliance Service is the perfect option. They have serviced a wide variety of luxury kitchen appliances, including Lynx, and are almost always able to get your appliance up and running on the first trip. Visit the Kimball Appliance Service website and schedule an appointment to get your Lynx equipment up and running soon.

  • LX37164


    / EACH
  • LX33270


    / EACH
  • LX70695

    70695 DOOR WELDMENT (RH), L27

    / EACH
  • LX70692

    70692 DOOR WELDMENT (LH), L27

    / EACH
  • LX70691

    70691 DOOR WELDMENT (RH), L54, L36

    / EACH
  • LX37704


    / EACH
  • LX37166

    37166 SCREW, #8-32 X 1/2 FLAT HEAD TORX, NYLOK

    / EACH
  • LX90283

    90283 BURNER, IR MAIN, PS2 PRE- 27, 36" ONLY

    / EACH
  • LX90279


    / EACH
  • LX90278

    90278 SIDE PANEL W/INSERT NUTS, LH, L36/27

    / EACH
  • LX90277

    90277 SIDE PANEL W/INSERT NUTS, RH, L36/27

    / EACH
  • LX81542

    81542 DOOR ASSY (LH), L600

    / EACH